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Social media is a web-based service that brings people together in exchange of information.

Its undeniable social media has contributed immensely in the society, from values, visions, ideas, friendship, interests, conflict and trade has benefited massively.

What is Social media?

Social media is a web-based service that brings people together in exchange of information. (where people interact).

Back in the days, good friends were easily lost due to less technology to communicate. Even businesses suffered in the digital marketing.

Today, It’s the first place one would search for a friend.

You met an old friend and asked about how they have been generally, just to catch up with them, not everyone will share what they’ve been through in a glimpse.

It’s a risk making friends and even takes courage sharing feelings.

Social Networks makes it easier for friendship’s to be made with a choice of taking time to understand one another, and having time to respond without being emotionally involved.

Social media is no doubt taking over the way we interact and communicate, reducing the amount of money we spend daily through other networks like telephone calls, faxing, etc.

Picture this – Your friend request was accepted by a new friend, going on their profile you see wealth and high status, not knowing if their wealth is real or not, one would normally believe in concept shown and forget about reality. What was proven to be real on social media can be proven in reality, giving opportunities for brand building.

Social media world is getting bigger every day, expanding, making great impact in the world, most importantly in the digital marketing industry.

The introduction of mobile technology played significant role in the expansion of social media. Majority of social media user’s use mobile devices to network by downloading services that offers the service you want which means you can share and interact with people just at your fingertips.

Social media is no doubt a modern world where it’s easier for people to relate and interact. New friends are made every day on social media, one should understand that the way we portrait ourselves on social networks is very important in the impression we give in real life.

Some Government agencies around the world uses our social media to determine the type of person we are while dealing or transacting with us.

Element of keeping up with social media are:

Staying connected: This is very important in sharing views and ideas. As social media is expanding so is its users. Trending news is first shared now on social media, staying connected keeping you updated on the activities around the globe.

Remember. It has a lot of platforms, i.e. Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook. Facebook is the fastest growing social media in the world with over 2.2 billion users monthly. Connecting on Facebook means more chance for ideas to be shared through wider audience, this particularly helping in creating competition within the digital marketplace, to promote a product and to trade.

Advantages of social media

Education: It opens a door for you to educate from professionals and establish connections for your careers.

Information and updates- One of the main advantage of Social media is that it keeps you updated from the latest happening around the world.

Promotion– It’s a platform you can use to promote your business to wider audience

Marketing: Social media has become a powerful way Entrepreneurs now uses to interacts with customers. by connecting their audiences and consumers to businesses that share same interest, Good social media marketing can bring great success to the business, promoting consumers to express their needs and wants.

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